Rahimafrooz Gastech Ltd. (RAGT) was formerly known as Rahimafrooz CNG Ltd. established in 2003. In 2012, the company was rebranded as RAGT to widen its scope of serving more customers in the gas segment of Bangladesh. RAGT operates in the following business areas.

CNG Conversion and Auto Services: RAGT provides CNG conversion and auto services for all kinds of vehicles through four Conversion and Services Centers (CSC) in Dhaka and Chittagong. These centers also provide vehicle maintenance and repair services like fuel system servicing, engine maintenance, brake and suspension servicing, electrical work etc.
CNG Sales: RAGT manages Quikfill, the first ever chain of branded CNG refueling stations in Bangladesh. Quikfill is presently serving customers of Dhaka, Chittagong, Manikgong and Tangail. More new Quikfill stations are planned to be established in Dhaka, Chittagong and other Major cities and highways.
Station Equipment Sales: RAGT serves its valued customers with the best quality CNG Station Equipments of European origin. It offers Turn Key solution for both online and off line CNG refueling stations.
Technical services for CNG equipments and refueling station: RAGT, with its trained and professional technical team, also offers technical services for CNG refueling station equipments all across the country. This team is competent and well equipped to provide services to different brands of CNG equipment in the country.
Oil and Gas Field: RAGT also operates in oil and gas field industry in collaboration with some internationally renowned manufacturer, supplier and contractor. The major areas of operations are:
Gas Processing Plants:
RAGT, in collaboration with international partners, offers Engineering Procurement and Constructions (EPC) solution for establishing different gas process plants e.g. MSTE (Molecular Sieve Tubular Expander), Glycol de-hydration to government organizations like Sylhet Gas Fields Company Ltd. (SGFL), Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Ltd. (BAPEX) and Bangladesh Gas Fields Company Ltd. (BGFCL). The company also facilitates the private sector to establish related process industries such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) filling plants, Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) processing plants, Condensate processing plants etc.

Gas field products:
RAGT also supplies gas field related equipments like wellhead control panel, drill bits, flanges, valves, gasket, drill & line pipes, casing, tubing etc to the Government and multinational organisations.
Strengthening Gas Pipe line Network:
RAGT is also involved in the execution of different gas pipe line projects for Gas Transmission Company Ltd. (GTCL) to strengthen the gas supply network in the country. This includes gas compressing and pumping stations, regulating and metering stations. Laying of new pipe line from 6” till 30” diameter including HDD. Testing, maintenance and servicing of the existing gas pipe line network for GTCL, TITAS, Bakhrabad, Jalalabad are also done under this segment.
Gas Transportation and Distribution:
RAGT offers contractual services for transporting and distributing gas from near well station of different multinational organisation.



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