Transforming the lives of people and lighting up different corners of the country, Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. (RREL) has been providing Solar Energy solutions for households, agriculture, healthcare, education, telecommunication, rural streets and marketplaces, as well as government and private institutions. To date, RREL has lightened up more than 100,000 rural homes in Bangladesh and the Company is endeavoring to do much more in the future. RREL is also the pioneer in providing solar-hybrid solutions for Telecom Operators’ BTS towers and solar powered irrigation systems in Bangladesh.
The abundance, inexhaustibility and non-polluting nature of solar energy has made it a popular alternative to conventional energy sources, which are rapidly getting exhausted. So far only a small portion of solar energy is being harnessed for use in solar lighting, telecommunications, solar water heating and solar powered irrigation. Working closely with Bangladesh Government’s agencies, NGOs, donor and partner organizations and international agencies, RREL offers a full range of solar solutions including home lighting, street lighting, water heating systems, Photo Voltaic (PV) centralized systems, irrigation systems, vaccine refrigeration, support for computer and other electronic systems and a number of other solutions.
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Bangladesh Carbon:  


In 2009, Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. joined hands with Carbon Planet, Australia and launched Bangladesh Carbon – a CDM based Consultancy and Carbon Trading service. Bangladesh Carbon is an initiative of RREL to develop, implement and commercialize projects under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) guidelines of UNFCC Kyoto Protocol, which will not only reduce Carbon Emissions but also earn foreign exchange for our economy.

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