Core Knowledge is a digital content distribution company which has brought quality digital solutions suitable for school, university, corporate, and even government usage. Since its inception in 2009, the aim of Core Knowledge has been to make education and training effective and efficient, while being enjoyable for users at the same time. Core Knowledge brings to you unmatched solutions, tailor made to cater to all of your needs.

In this digital age, where the remarkable capabilities of technology, and even more so, our reliance on it over conventional means, is increasing rapidly, the emphasis upon it cannot be overstated. In particular, for a developing country such as Bangladesh, it is essential to embrace the future. Thus, the need for both utilizing the vast array of digital resources, as well as teaching the youth on using them, becomes vital.

Core Knowledge brings to you a wide range of tools, resources and solutions for use at any and every stage of the educational cycle, from pre-school classes to university lectures, and vocational training to advance level courses. This provides a platform for a technology based learning system that can be enabled and implemented, thereby replacing outdated, far less productive means of procedural and passive learning.

Digital learning allows for the most efficient method of teaching. Promoting students to actively participate in lessons and discussions, while assisting educators by providing a multi-dimensional approach, immensely helps improve both the standard of education and the level of students’ understanding. The sheer volume of information available digitally is remarkable, and can easily be made accessible to almost anyone, anywhere at any time.  

Over the last five years, Core Knowledge has implemented over 350 smart classrooms across the Bangladesh. To use state of the art technology, over 3000 teachers were trained in using technology supported teaching. The end result is that smart learning has been delivered to 20,000 students in our country.

The ultimate goal of Core Knowledge is to prepare Bangladesh and its youth to be at the center of an advancing technology-based society, in a way that boosts the development of the country. Core Knowledge promotes its users to not only be mere consumers and customers, but to be part of a generation capable of maximizing the potential of technology, adapting to rapidly changing environments and thriving in demanding, technology based situations, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. Only through such progress can we as a nation truly progress into the age of technology and advance towards a Digital Bangladesh.

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